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synopsys of scenario :


You are part of an alliance which has formed a compound of SRMs, defending your territory for the mutual protection of all. Working together, you will have time to build an empire before the enemy arrives at your doorstep. Cooperation and teamwork has gotten you this far, but sharing tight quarters, even with friends, can be nerve wracking. Communication is imperative to build viable economies, and is ultimately vital to your survival.


Prior to the game, ask someone who is not playing the game (a neutral party) to act as the moderator to set up the game. The moderator will send out any changes to the rules to all of the players by email. The moderator will then set up the game for all of the actual players online and then abdicate his or her empire. The moderator is "player 1;" Team 1 should consist of players 2, 4, and 6; Team 2 should consist of players 3, 5, and 7. Note to moderator: Occasionally, you will get the message "Unable to find space in zone for random world." Just restart the game.