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In the year 4021, five races, totally unknown to each other, began crusades of galactic conquest. The names of these Great Star Worlds were Starmantle, Doomantium, Hungerbuhleria, Athame, and Kirguard. Their emergence marked the beginning of a new era of triumph and despair for hundreds of worlds throughout the Osirus Quadrant. At first, there was peace amongst the great star powers, but a tragic accident, now thought to be the result of navigational error destroyed a Starmantle jumpfleet in the Hawthorn Nebula and signaled the beginning of the gruesome Jumpspace Wars."


"What cause has all this strife? Why can we not conduct ourselves with dignity and graciousness? Is this how those fallen are to be honored? With more shed blood and more avarice? The state of the galaxy saddens and offends me. Therefore, I call upon all galactic leaders and their citizens and I ask of them this: Look inside yourself and see the face of the true enemy. You will see the face of greed; the face of pain, you will see the face of war." ~ Archon Septimus Haldane Telos V, Excerpted from a speech given in 4063 Doomantis Prime on the 10th Anniversary of the Hawthorn Nebula Incident.


The ruthless Starmantle Empire, once a peaceful democratic Republic, was able to subjugate all of the other Great Star Worlds and ruled the Osirus Quadrant with an adamant fist for almost 400 years. The Emperor eventually went mad from overuse of his stasis pod - which he believed would allow him to live for millennia. Emperor Starmantle's dementia worsened and the Empire eroded away to nothingness over the decades between his waking hours. Eventually, he never woke up at all. His body and stasis pod are now on display at Zahadoom University. All that remains from the Starmantle Empire is a network of Warp Links known as The Corridor, aging hulks of artificial ship production worlds throughout the sector, as well as the occasional cache of ships, supplies, or other assets.


Now, six new worlds have set their eyes upon the quest for interstellar empire, reaching for the stars to mold them in their own images. The victor of this new confrontation will no doubt become the undisputed master of this sector of the galaxy. The marauding Kobalt Empire has become the de-facto hegemon in the Osirus Quadrant, pillaging worlds and taking merchant fleets at their will. You will have to challenge them as well in your ascension to power. You have at your disposal fighter squadrons, jumpships, transports, and infantry legions, as well as some relics from empires past - a handful of powerful Penetrators and Hunter-Killers. You even have a personal Imperial Guard of 100 Elite Legions that should serve you well. To win - you must be clever. You have military treaties with two other empires and must coordinate heavily to fight against 3 other empires aligned against you on the other side of the quadrant. Search the galaxy for treasures that could give you an edge over other your enemies. Your destiny is great and your power is strong. Hundreds of worlds will bow to your will alone. But many are aligned against you and your fate is precariously balanced - on a Sword's Edge.