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You are the former captain and commander of a jumpfleet. You were a loyal officer, and you served Emperor Wallach and protected the old Empire well from foreign attack. You are adept at repelling attacks from foreign forces, but you had no power to repel an attack from within. The Empire has fallen in a coup d'etat. Emperor Wallach was assassinated. Immediately after Lord Carchann took power he commanded you to surrender your fleet to the new Carchann Empire. In the confusion and disarray of the sudden change in government, you refused to acknowledge his command, and he placed a bounty on your head. Furious at your behavior, Lord Carchann will find you and kill you if he can.


You are now a free agent - a privateer. You may do as you please. You can take up piracy, or try to create your own empire. You have your old jumpfleet, some loyal men, a few materials, and a tiny fleet dock, which has served as a base station for your fleet. Now this little docking station is your Capital. The goods that the Empire stored at your docking station are now the last of your reserves. Gone with the Wallach Empire, are your reliable sources of food, fuel, ships, and other materials. There are five other captains of jumpfleets of the old Wallach Empire who have found themselves isolated, and in much the same position as you. You and the other captains no longer have an allegiance to a common empire or to one another. Your goals and ambitions may be quite different now that loyalties have changed. The other fleet commanders may come after you to take your resources, thinking that you are an easy target, or worse, a potential thorn in their side.


You must move quickly to find safety. Except for a few SRMs surrounding your makeshift capital, your docking station is highly vulnerable to attack. Defending this world will be problematic. Your military strategists recommend that you acquire a new world suitable to be the capital as soon as possible. However, engineers under your command urge you to keep your capital in place as long as possible, defending it with all possible force, believing it may give you a technological edge if you are not forced to hurriedly relocate. You have the vessels to make a powerful empire in this region, but you need to find good ground to make a stand. You know this area very well - but you must rebuild and update your map with more specificity. There are four small clusters of planets not far away, that might be suitable for the beginnings of your new empire. You must get to one of them first and stake your claim, or else you will find yourself scavenging the barren worlds of the east to make your living. There is a fifth cluster of planets in the middle of your map. This middle cluster of planets has been claimed by Lord Carchann. He is very organized and dangerous. This area was the driving force of the old Empire. If you can find a way to overcome Lord Carchann, and take this area, all advantages will swing to you. This will not be an easy task. Lord Carchann has activated a disrupter in the heart of his new Empire. If you want to attack him, you will have to find a way to get through it, or destroy it.


There is a planet in the extreme east where your science advisors have detected large amounts of trillum dust in the atmosphere. Trillum there, is likely already mined and ready for use. Your science advisors will give you that location. And you may only need a small attack force to take it. It is also well known that Emperor Wallach kept an emergency store of trillum at a jungle planet in the extreme east. This planet raised its own flag when Lord Carchann took power. You should try and locate this planet as soon as possible and seize the trillum so that it is not used against you. There are a number of gas giants in the extreme east. Several construction fleets of the old empire likely headed for the moons of those gas planets to seek refuge from Lord Carchann. If you can find a way to acquire those ships, your empire will be able to build and expand more quickly. Emperor Wallach constructed a set of warp links around each cluster of planets, as well as beside several of the eastern gas planets. These links may be quite useful to bring in any warp speed ships from the gas planets to the cluster of planets where you choose to settle. Your strategy should include a plan to guard any warp links you need, and destroy those that your enemies may attempt to use against you.


Prior to the game, ask someone who is not playing the game (a neutral party) to act as the moderator to set up the game. The moderator will send out any changes to the rules to all of the players by email. The moderator will then set up the game for all of the actual players online and then abdicate his or her empire. The moderator is "player 1;" Team 1 should consist of players 2, 4, and 6; Team 2 should consist of players 3, 5, and 7. The moderator should position the players randomly at the various positions (from each team) so that the other team does not know which player is starting at any given position on the map until and unless that is disclosed by the other team. This prevents stronger or weaker players from being targeted in any team strategy prior to the beginning of the game. In three team play, just position all players randomly. Note to moderator: Occasionally, you will get the message "Unable to find space in zone for random world." Just hit "okay" until the game begins - or restart the game, if necessary.